On January 1, Insecurely Movement started a journey together: 31 days of discovering God, yourself, and others. 

Why? All kinds of resolutions are made every year at this time. But, they're not kept very often. We want to change that. We want to start this year living securely in Christ. So, that's what we're doing. After living out this 31 day journey, you'll know more about yourself, God, and people around you. So, don't make your resolution just yet. Let's be different. 

January 1st | Go beyond your boundaries!

Do something different, something you’d never imagine yourself doing. Who knows! Maybe you will like it, or at least you’ll know for sure if you don’t.


January 2nd | Dearly, be dear.

Give up something dear to you to be dear to someone else—this could range from some of your time or even some of your money to just bless someone else.


January 3rd | Forgiveness to Freedom

This one will be hard, but we all know we have people in our hearts that we do not want to forgive- ever. We shut off at the even thought of ever being nice to them again. But forgiveness is the key to freedom. Doing what is right is always better than being right.


January 4th | Carefree & Product free

You are beautiful NO matter what. Be confident of the person God created you to be. So don’t only leave the make up off, but lets leave the hair products on the shelf for the day. (Boys this includes you too).


January 5th | Words of Beauty

Today, tell anyone that they are beautiful. In fact, see how many people you CAN tell! You never know who needs to hear the reminder that they are. A person can never get enough reminders!


January 6th | Fight your Fear

Whatever holds you back from living life to the fullest, overcome it. If you’re afraid of heights, go on top of a skyscraper.. or maybe just a house. If you’re afraid of singing, go sing downtown. Fight your fear!


January 7th | Pen a Pal

Alright, you may not be into letters, but letters are something that are so treasured! A simple encouragement or thought behind a letter can make somebody’s day years later! It’s value may not seem much in your eyes, but in their eyes, it is far greater than anything money could ever buy! So write a friend, a loved one, a family member, and send them words of treasure!


January 8th | Treasure your thoughts.

Instead of allowing your thoughts to tear yourself down, decide to make every one of your thoughts lift you up! Do not allow yourself to say or THINK anything negative about yourself today, and see what a difference it will make in viewing yourself. “You are valued. You are loved. You are beautiful.”


January 9th | Secrets for Strangers

 Instead of writing something to someone you know, decide to sneak a letter or note to someone you don’t really talk to. Be a light into their life and I know that you will brighten their day!


January 10th | Stopping Time

We are all so busy all the time, and when we aren’t busy, we find more things to do to make us busy! So today, stop your time to spend some time with God.


January 11th | Unplug

Every day we are so wrapped up in technology in some way, and honestly, we don’t live each day fully because of our obsession with social media. So, set down your social media life to resume your social life with the awesome people God has placed around you.


January 12th | Dare to Dream

We all have dreams, but not many of us ever dream of chasing them. So make a list, 5 that are semi-possible, and 5 that are completely outrageous, and tape them somewhere you will see them so that you’ll go beyond your boundaries to experience life without borders.


January 13th | Journey

Many of us dream of traveling the world, but really, a journey may start just a few blocks from where you live. So, take a walk today to somewhere nice, and dress appropriately for the weather so that you can enjoy it J. Bring a book, a camera, a journal, and just spend some self-time. It’s amazing to see how much of a journey can teach you and shape you.


January 14th | Treat yourself.

Instead of treating someone else with a gift today, take a treat yourself! It’s your day to bless yourself because you deserve it!


January 15th | Talent Central

Today, share your talent with someone who doesn’t know it. This could be to one person, or it could be to many, but let someone see the gift that God has given you!


January 16th | Doll Up

Earlier this month, we did a product free day. However, your beauty is not on the outside, but the inside. So whether you are have no make-up or a lot of make-up, you have the same beauty shining from inside! So today, dress up just for fun!


January 17th | Phone a Friend

Instead of texting somebody today, decide to set up a time to call them and just have a good conversation with them.


January 18th | Post it, note it.

Write on post it notes and place them in a public place WHEREVER to with an encouraging message—whether it is a restaurant or a car window!


January 19th | More serving, less me

Today, try to serve someone else as much as possible. Even though at times it may not be convenient, just step outside of yourself and be a servant to them. This could be helping your parents with the house or helping your friend out in some way too.


January 20th | Share your story.

This one may be hard, but open up to someone and let them know more about yourself. Tell them about your story, whether it is about how you became who you are, what your dreams/goals are, or even if it is just what has happened in your life recently, share what’s going on in your life!


January 21st | Pray for someone.

Ask people how they are doing today, but more than that, ask if you can pray for them. Intentionally see how they are doing, and make sure it’s not just a question in passing.


January 22nd | A gift to give

Find a gift for someone today, not just a typical gift, but something that would mean a lot to the person.


January 23rd | Care for your community.

Volunteer somewhere! It could be anywhere! Whether you have to travel to do it, or set up a date to do it, make it set in stone to step out for the people around you.


January 24th | Half & Half

Whatever you spend on yourself today, decide to spend on someone else. This could be for a friend, a family member, or even a missions offering! So, don’t forget to keep your receipts.


January 25th | Step out to Step In

Decide to step out of your comfort zone today so that you can step into someone’s life. Make a difference in some way. Go do this with someone you don't normally talk to. You never know the impact you will make. 


January 26th | Not so normal

We are usually all about the practical, but not so much about the spiritual. Today, pray to see what dreams God can place on your heart, and try knocking on doors (metaphorically) to see which doors God will open!


January 27th | Way past due

We often have little things that we think of doing on our bucket list, but instead of allowing those buckets to fill up with ideas, do something today that you have always wanted to do. Climb a mountain, bake a pie, take a road trip. Whatever it is, check it off of your list!


January 28th | Compliments vs. Complacency

We all walk past people that we see all the time, but we tend to hold our compliments in of what we think of them. So, start to give compliments versus allowing your complacency to quiet you because “you don’t really know them.”


January 29th | Time is prime.

Decide to set a time to either go out and watch the stars in the clear night, or set an alarm to watch the sunrise early in the morning. It’ll be hard, but it’s just for one day!


January 30th | Surprise in Disguise

Go through the drive-thru and pay for somebody’s order behind you!


January 31st | Resolute.

Go make a goal for the future. After a month of discovering yourself and serving other people, make a resolution to continually make a difference daily. Just like change in your pocket, if we save up the small nickels and dimes, we will build up value to invest in a treasure. It’s the same with the small changes you have made this month. Each small change added up to make a HUGE difference to a new year, and the best part is that it didn’t just change your journey, but it impacted many others destinies as well. A small change will make a great difference, so keep discovering, and keep moving insecurely. 


Let's be different.