The word insecure is backwards. We are meant to live securely in Christ.
— Josh Mayo

Where it began.

Hannah Beers , Insecurely Movement founder

Hannah Beers, Insecurely Movement founder

In February of 2013, Hannah Beers felt a tug on her heart that was unlike anything else. Beers, a college sophomore, had experienced first-hand the effects that insecurities cause. After seeing so many lives affected in terrible ways, she knew that something had to be done. 

"No part of Insecurely Movement was something that I would have done on my own. I remember the night that the ideas began pouring in. I had class the next morning, but I went to bed later than normal. Instead of falling asleep immediately, these crazy ideas starting coming to me. After 3 hours of that, I knew this was no whim." Beers said. 

Insecurely Movement started with a photo shoot. The photos, both a natural and made-up photo side by side, illustrated that each person is themselves despite how they appear. Nearly 100 young women took part in the session, spanning seven hours and launching the movement. 

With the photos came the Insecurely blogs. Each young woman who participated in the shoot wrote a blog detailing her journey with insecurity. Insecurely began reaching people all over the world. 

Soon after that, Josh Buckner, spoken word artist and friend of Insecurely, wrote a piece that would soon take the Movement by storm.

Josh Buckner,  "Insecurely: A Spoken Word"  writer

Josh Buckner, "Insecurely: A Spoken Word" writer

"That spoken word wasn't me. It was God. I spent hour after hour pouring over blogs by these women from all over the world. It hit me then. We all suffer with these insecurities, but there is a God who can turn weakness into strength." he said.  After production, Insecurely: A Spoken Word reached 5,000 views in just two days. A year and a half and 100,000 views later, it continues to touch lives.  

His Side blogs, Rebel: Insecurely Day and Life Tutorials all came about shortly after. With a group of social media staff, event planners, creative media artists, and business representatives, the staff of Insecurely Movement has grown along with its audience. 

After the launch of the spoken word, Insecurely Movement grew beyond everyone's expectations. Today, it has a reach of over 15,000 people per week and continues to expand into bigger and better venues. However, whether the reach of this organization is just one person or 100,000, it's purpose remains the same. 

What it is.

We are a movement designed to impact lives by redefining society's meaning of worth. We encourage people to face insecurities and discover a path to healing.

What does that mean exactly? We believe nearly every bad decision in young people's lives come from a root of insecurity and the misunderstanding of the meaning of worth. A person's worth is not determined by relationships, appearance, social status, or talent - no matter what society says. We want to change society's view. 

Insecurities are a part of humanity. We don't aim to erase them, but to face them. How? Admit your insecurities. Realize your insecurities. Face your insecurities - before you make the mistakes that can ultimately ruin a life.

However, if you have made those mistakes, you are not too far gone. You are never too far gone. There is a way to heal from the hurt that insecurities have caused. If you'd like to talk to us about anything, please use the contact form below. An Insecurely staff member will contact you soon.

Thank you for being a part of Insecurely Movement.  

You are loved. You are valued. You are beautiful.  










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