My name is Hannah and I am the founder of the Insecurely Movement. Hannah BeersI've thought the same thing since I dreamed up this crazy idea: what will I write about?

I've asked every girl involved to dig deep and write their about their deepest insecurities, and I was going to let mine go unheard. But, I can't. I have to be honest if they are to be honest. I have to be honest to share the truth.

For years, I've spent my time striving to appear as if I am confident and secure in who I am. I swore to never let people see the side of me that I despised: the weak side. The side that feels inferior to everyone around her; the side that is susceptible to a single mean word or action; the side that makes terrible decisions that affect everything; the side that is ashamed of what she looks like; the side that, no matter how hard she tries, gets her heart-broken far too easily.

I cover up my insecurity with harsh words, obnoxious laughs, and snobby remarks.

To be honest, I feel inferior to nearly every person I meet. I'm not thin. I'm not incredibly outgoing. I'm not friendly. I'm not amusingly witty. I'm good, but not great.

Seem like a lot? I guess it is, but not to me. To me, it's the life I've always lived.

Now, I don't want you to feel sorry or sad. Like I said, I've worked my entire life to not be like this. I've crafted talents, developed some exceptional dry sarcasm, and learned how to use a curling iron. My darkest days are behind me, but only for one reason.

I am secure in God. He took this mess and ugliness that I called a person and turned it around. If there is anything I've learned over my life, it is that I am no one without him. I am useless without him.

When God turns you around, there's something interesting that happens. He opens your eyes to the ones around you with the same problems.

That very thing is what started this all.

I began to see girls lives just like mine, messed up and sad. I saw girls who made life-altering decisions all based on the fact that they felt disgusting and worthless. I saw little girls starting to develop the very traits that pointed to the same place: disaster.

If you know me personally, you know that I am not an exceptionally compassionate person. On the inside is another story, but on this exterior I created, I can't risk it. Those of you who know me probably scoff at this idea that I'm somehow considerate towards insecurities. But, it's not about me. This whole thing has nothing to do with me.

God has taken this mediocre photographer with a knack for Photoshop, a heart for broken girls, and a surrendered life and started this.

Welcome to the Insecurely Movement.