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To sixteen year old me,

You’re at the top of your game right now. Sixteen forever and all that jazz, right? I wish I could be there with you, walking you through the decisions you’re making, but I can’t be. What they say is true. Hindsight is 20/20.

25790_331444516667_4669404_n1. Don’t worry too much about your future. It turns out to be more than you could have possibly imagined. Yes, it’s scary. I know those nights you spend laying in your bed wondering how you’re going to survive; how you’re going to survive without the family, without everyone knowing your name. I know it’s so scary, but breathe deeply. Please, enjoy the next two years. They will be some of the most important years of your life.

2. Please, don’t let that boy drive your decisions. He’s not good for you. How many heart breaks have you had because of him? He’s not for you. You know that. Yes, he’ll find someone eventually, and it won’t be you. Oh, and the next boy? Don’t worry about that either. Actually, just forget boys. Please. It’ll save you so much heartbreak. No? Ok, well, at least guard your heart. What does that even mean? I wish you’d listen. While we’re at it, stop flirting. No, it’s not harmless. Unless you’re ready to commit, stop it. Don’t you complain when they do the very same thing to you? Your relationships are not a game. Your heart is not a pawn. Stop playing with emotions that never go away.

3. Get off your phone. Do you have any idea how much time you’re wasting? Spend time with your family. You’ll miss them when you don’t see them every day. Facebook isn’t that important. In a few years, you will blush with embarrassment every time you look at the statuses you used to make. Just to let you know, :D looks dumb and :) isn’t needed every sentence. Oh, and adding extra letters to the end of your words is annoying. 75759_461926516667_4185272_n

4. The people you try to fit in with aren’t worth it. Yeah, sure. You go to school with them every day. What you don’t know is that your desire to be like them will turn you into a monster in just a few months; a monster who will make decisions that are awful and destructive, decisions that will take years to get over. Please, use wisdom. After graduation, the most you’ll see them is in the grocery store when you’re visiting home. Use your position to influence them, not the other way around. There are a few people, however, that you’ll keep life-long friendships with. Keep close to them. Keep close to the ones that you can trust.

5. Stop looking for your worth in another person’s words. You have a terrible desire to be loved and encouraged. It will continue to affect your daily life, but if used incorrectly, will lead to a dark place that will only hurt. It could be so different, though. You could use your weakness to encourage others. Someday, you will. Stop looking to other people to tell you who you are. You know who you are. You know who God created you to be. Be that woman.18748_301604671667_1550867_n

You’re going to make memories and mistakes, and that’s ok. Those experiences will lead to a life of growth. Just remember, God is with you throughout everything. When you fly through your best times, he’s cheering you on. When you feel at your lowest, he holds you in his arms.




There is never a moment without him. You’ll forget that someday, but he won’t forget you.

I love you, little girl. That’s what you are, you know. You’re not an adult, no matter how hard you try. You’re a teenager; a silly, emotional, wandering teenager. Enjoy it, Han. These days will only happen once.

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