You know how it feels to plan and plan and plan and work and plan some more and then it happens and you finally just let and a breath and think, "Wow. Did that just happen?"

That's us tonight; myself and the Insecurely team. We are exhausted and happy and exhausted some more. But, I can't let myself crash tonight without letting you know how incredibly amazing each one of you are. 

That fact that you took the time, energy, money, and strength  to participate in such a scary day means so much. To you, it may have been a new, interesting thing, or something much more. To us, it changed our lives and encouraged so many souls!

Do you know what you did today? 

You changed the world.  

Yes, I 100% believe that. You changed the world, because you know what the world is? The world is people. You stood up for someone. You stood up for yourself. 

You were a part of changing the entire world.     

That. Is. Beautiful.  


So, here's to you shy, scared, happy, overbearing, silly, brave, exciting, sad, courageous, incredible person: You're a world changer. And this, well...

We are Insecurely Movement, and this is Rebel. 


Hannah & the Insecurely Team