Alerts, deadlines, mental to do lists, and vibrating pockets are the background music of our everyday life. With every moment bombarding us with new messages, it is easy to forget about the simple, and lose sight the most basic concepts of life. 

With a full time college course load, a couple of jobs and ever changing relationships to think about, my brain is always running at a million miles an hour, so even as an extreme extrovert, after a few days of nonstop I can feel myself begin to shut down. 

This semester as I faced new challenges and a busier schedule than ever before, I was forced to look for a way to release stress. One night when I was near breaking point I went for a walk, and since then I have taken walks nearly every day . These journeys have helped me to reconnect with reality, remind myself of the big picture, and actually take the time to process everything that is going on in my life. 

The Bible mentions Jesus going on walks or going down to a lakeside or up to a mountain several times in the gospels, and I'm sure that was where he sought his Father outside of the noise of the crowd. Luke 6 even records Jesus spending an entire night on a mountain praying! 

It's amazing the difference that a short (or sometimes not so short) walk can make! So I encourage you, separate yourself from the constant noise for an hour or so, grab your journal, guitar, bible, or simply your shoes, and go for a journey. On your walk take the time to simply tell God where you're at, and allow him to quiet you and give you peace and strength to take life by the horns and not just allow it to drag you along.

Hope Hamilton

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