The problem here is that we have “treat others the way you want to be treated” and Mark 12:31, “Love your neighbor as yourself” so engraved in our head that we don’t actually take into consideration the reverse point of view with these sayings and the question that goes along with that.

“How DO we REALLY want to be treated?” How can we fully understand that statement and verse without knowing how we actually want to be treated ourselves? I think today is a great day to sit down and list at least ten ways we, as individuals, would want to be treated, such as respected, loved, shown courtesy, etc. and then find a way that to treat yourself that way today.

You are just as important as those you treat kind-heartedly. Take some time to yourself! Maybe, ask for the day off if you work too much! If we can’t take care of ourselves, how can we treat others? You know, like when you’re on an airplane and the stewardess announces that if the plane were to be coming down and you needed oxygen masks to put yours on first! Because if you pass out, you’ll be of no help to your neighbor and then you’re both doomed!

...That may be a terrible example to help you to understand what I’m getting at, but hey... I’m not a writer and I love airplanes, so work with me. I guess all I’m saying is that I believe “when you bless others, you are blessed” can go both ways. It’s reciprocity. When you truly feel blessed you want to give more! So treat yourself today! Stop looking at your messy room/house/life like it’s slowly killing you and take a nap. Stop making life harder than God intended for it to be. God is TOTALLY a God of fun.

Heather Beyer

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