Everyone loves a good gift. It’s exciting to unwrap or open a wonderful gift form a friend that means so much. But, you know what? It’s awesome to give gifts as well. It’s actually more rewarding. It’s such a wonderful sight, seeing the faces of your friends and family light up not only at the gift but at the thought behind the gift. We all want to be good gift givers. We want people to remember what we have given them. Hey, not every gift is going to be perfect but with time and thought and practice we can all become really awesome gift givers.

When I think of great gift givers I can’t help but think of God who gave up His son, Jesus Christ, to the world to save us from our sins. The thing that we can learn from this act of gift giving is that the best gifts given are those that mean something; those that have or add value to the relationships that both you the and the receiver both share.

So today,  and really look to make that difference.

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