Decide to step out of your comfort today so that you can step into someone’s life. Make a difference in some way.

 “You probably don't remember me, and that's ok. I am pretty sure that you were a senior in high school and I was a freshmen. I will never forget one Friday morning I went to FCA and none of my friends were there and I was sitting alone and you were the only one to tell me good morning and that you were happy to see me there. I also wanted to thank you for that. That made my entire day. Not everybody will go out of their way to say that to somebody and I really appreciate it….”

When I got that Facebook message a month ago I was floored. That was over 4 years ago! Quite frankly, I barely remember the girl and definitely don’t remember that moment. But how incredible is it that a simple moment of stepping out and talking to someone we normally wouldn’t could be remembered years later. I didn’t preach at her, give her $20, or whip out my acoustic and sing her a love ballad—I just loved her. And please hear me out, I’m not saying this to brag about myself because trust me I’ve missed more opportunities than I have taken advantage of, but this is a really cool example of how God takes the little things we do in our lives and makes them mighty! When I got that message, I was at a point in my life where I really needed that reminder. God has a really unique way of turning blessings like that back around. Anyone can just talk to just someone—are you willing to shatter the walls of your comfort zone and go beyond what you’re used to? Be BOLD. Be COURAGEOUS. Be LOVE. 

Nii Abrahams

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