Throughout this journey of 31 Days of Difference, we've done a lot of things. We've discovered our hopes and dreams, grown to closer than God, and helped other people. We've done more in a month that most people do in a year!

As this is coming to an end, we can't forget why we did this. We didn't do this for credit. We didn't go out of our way so that we could be seen. We did this to discover the difference. 

So, today - on the second to last day of #Discover31 - we're asking you to do something secret. We're calling it "Surprise in Disguise." Some people call it "paying it forward." I'm calling it giving.

Give. Give where no one can thank you. Give so that you don't get credit. Give to someone. 

Go through the drive-thru. Pay for the drink behind you. Go to the coffee shop. Leave money for the person behind you. Go buy a little something for something and leave it in their room, their locker, or on their doorstep. Do something for someone else. Give. 

Hannah Beers

Because it proves that you don’t need much to change the entire world for the better. You can start with the most ordinary ingredients. You can start with the world you’ve got.
— Catherine Ryan Hyde, Pay It Forward
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