So far in life, one of my all-time favorite memories have been late-night rooftop conversations admiring the stars with my some of the best friends I’ve ever encountered. But even more so, one of my favorite pastime memories has been waking up at the crack of dawn for a week straight during my old home church’s high school summer retreat in Florida. There was nothing more motivating than the idea of getting to wake up, walk across the street, find my perfect place in the sand, just above the light morning ocean waves, stare at the breathtaking sunrise before me for a good ten minutes while my eyes are still opening, take out my journal, and write out my morning prayers and conversations with the God that has sculpted me. Sounds like a lot, and it is! That’s a lot to take in! On occasion, I take way too much advantage of the beautiful things that surround me. Sometimes I forget to look at the AMAZINGLY colored leaves Missouri produces until a tourist points them out.

I want to give you this image for a second. Think about all of the most amazing and talented photographers in the world, the most professional, experienced, and gifted. These photographers have an eye for beauty and when they come across the most beautiful tree they’ve ever seen, most beautiful lighting, the perfect time of day where the sunset hits just right, they just have to capture it and share it with the world. (And I thank the good Lord that they do!) But we sit here day to day flipping through photos on Facebook, photographers websites, looking at billboards, our own capturings, awing over how “great the pictures are that we took,” forgetting that someone actually created the things inside of those pictures. Realistically speaking… that’s insane. I think the coolest thing I have ever created was an invention I made in the fifth grade for an “invention convention.” And you know what my invention was? Scented socks… Ha. Yeah. Scented socks…. I literally just soaked them in this scented oil stuff and then washed them. Obviously, I did not win because you haven’t seen my product on As Seen On TV yet. But my point is that anyone could have done that. I mean, God created stars. STARS: Fixed luminous points in the night sky that are large, remote incandescent bodies (

He didn’t just invent the sunrise so that five people could experience it and take pictures to show us on Facebook? He made it possible for each one of us to experience everyday if we wanted to. It’s almost like the sunrise and the stars are the most exquisite vacation homes built just for us. At no cost, whatsoever. It would be such a silly waste for us to not go on a free vacation every now and again.

Heather Beyer

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