Alright, you may not be into letters, but letters are something that are so treasured! A simple encouragement or thought behind a letter can make somebody’s day years later! It’s value may not seem much in your eyes, but in their eyes, it is far greater than anything money could ever buy! So write a friend, a loved one, a family member, and send them words of treasure!

“ Dear Nii Kpakpo, I love you. You make me a proud mom. I was so inspired yesterday by the way you showed how much you love God by choosing not to sin (remember you went picking up things). I am so proud of you….” 

My mom wrote this letter I think when I was in 4th grade. I remember waking up in the morning and finding an orange note for me, and a green note for my brother on the table. If you don’t know me, I can be a sentimentalist and I tend to keep stuff way longer than I should (in fact I even have an acorn this little girl gave me as a gift at a church picnic when I was in 4th grade), and so of course I kept this. I still remember how I felt when I read this and the rest of the small letter.  There is something so special and intimate about a letter. It communicates the thoughtfulness of your words and it is something that is tangible. I didn’t keep that letter because my mom doesn’t tell me she loves me anymore, but because it meant the world to me that she would take time out of her day and just affirm something I didn’t even know she noticed. They don’t have to be complicated, you don’t have to dig up Shakespeare’s grave and write some archaic prose, just speak from your heart! Your friend, loved one, family member, or significant other will appreciate it!

Nii Abrahams

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