Instead of writing something to someone you know, decide to sneak a letter or note to someone you don’t really talk to. Be a light into their life and I know that you will brighten their day!

Encouraging words have such an impact on people and can completely change the course of one's day.  We don't always know what people are dealing with or thinking about.  For example, my thoughts and words can so often times be motivated by my ever changing moods.

Whether I was productive that day or watched 10 episodes on Netflix; Whether I forgave my friend or family member after a heated conversation or I went to my room and thought of every possible comment I could have said to further push my perspective down their throats.

We all can let our circumstance dictate our response to life. But God calls us in Hebrews 12 to "throw off everything that hinders us and the sin that so easily entangles".  Encourage someone today. This time, encourage someone you don't really know. Give them a fresh start, a chance to see how others view them from afar. A chance to throw off their little mistakes and circumstances that might have brought them into a funk.  Let them see what you see.  People can be so masked; hiding stress about post college plans or discouraging words from a trusted friend.  One encouraging note is all it takes to inspire change.. Inspire a different perspective that enables them to focus on being a positive friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, or family member.  

Lauren Deal

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