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31 Days of Difference | Words of Beauty


31 Days of Difference | Words of Beauty

"You are beautiful." 

    As I was praying about and writing Insecurely: A Spoken Word, I was taught a lesson of just how important those words are to hear. I discovered how much power can come from one simple sentence.  It's more than a compliment or a polite gesture. It is a phrase that could change the world. You see, beauty goes beyond someones shirt, hair, or voice. Beauty is something that goes to the core of a person's being. To truly tell someone, "You are beautiful" and mean it from you heart is a bigger deal than we take it to be today. Now you may be saying, "Well I understand that it is nice and means a lot, but how could it seriously change the world?" To answer I'll quote Robin Williams in the film 'Dead Poet Society':

"No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world."

    I apply this quote to my life very seriously and realize now just how true it is. Everything in life starts with words; conversations, relationships, fights, and stories. Even this world started with words! Genesis 1:3 "And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light." God Himself SPOKE the world into creation through WORDS! 

"In the beginning there were words
For no sky nor dirt
Rocks nor birds
Heaven nor Earth
Death nor birth
Had yet been given proper syllabification
So nothing physical had yet entered creation
But despite the lacking of material manifestation
There did hang one true annunciation


                                                    'I Believe in the Scriptures'
                                                        -David Bowden

    Now, I'm not sure about you, but I think that if words can create the world we live in, then words can surely change the world we live in. That is where you come in. You are the speaker, the microphone, the leader of change and it can all start today by telling someone that they are beautiful. That doesn't mean driving down the street, sticking your head out the window, and yelling it at every person you see. This is something to do seriously and with abundant love. You never know the difference you'll make or the life you can save through 3 little words. Pray to start you day, look for opportunities, and take advantage of each and every one that you get to honestly and seriously tell someone "You are beautiful." 

Josh Buckner

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